Engage people & boost team performance

Iris is the solution to motivate people and grow your business rapidly

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Provide clear and transparent goals across the company to align people

Bring autonomy and initiative to employees to achieve and contribute their best at work

Poor performance caused by disengagement takes time to fix. Iris helps solve it effortlessly by pulling everyone into common goals.

Goal setting

Set, measure, and evaluate goals easily with OKRs and KPIs. Provide clear context with transparent goals to keep your employees engaged.

Build a transparent and aligned workspace. Visualize the flow so that employees know what they contribute to the company.

Progress tracking

Keep your goals on track using weekly check-in. Built-in features allow you to prepare meeting agenda beforehand and always keep the information up-to-date.

Innovate your performance reviews. Automatically collect and analyze performance data for more effective and unbiased review.

Employee recognition

Allow employees to reflect themselves with a performance diary. Every achievement is counted, whether big or small.

Celebrate every small wins with your employees. Employees can self-praise on their fulfilled task or share it with their favorite peers to celebrate together.

Bring joy & make people happy at work

Iris helps leaders motivate people effortlessly and engage everyone in meaningful work

Turn your great ideas into
business execution excellence!

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